Equipment Recommendations

You will need adequate technology, whether the University is operating online or on-site, that enables you to fully access online resources and effectively participate in academic activities and work. For students, a device is essential for your success at UConn and will allow you to effectively and securely use online learning systems and applications.

Technical Specifications for Devices

Required for students, instructors, and staff

Devices must be portable, sufficiently up to date, and have adequate memory and storage so that they can run the current version of its operating system. This allows it to both perform suitably and be properly patched, allowing it to operate effectively and securely both inside and outside the UConn environment. Below are the minimum technical specifications for computers:

  • Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor (i7 or Ryzen 7 preferred)
  • 8GB of RAM (16 GB preferred)
  • Mac OS 10.15 or Windows 10
  • 256 GB SSD hard drive (512 GB preferred)
  • Wireless networking adapter
  • Camera and microphone

Audio and Visual Equipment

Recommended for students; required for instructors and staff

Anyone using web conferencing system heavily should purchase a earphone/microphone headsets. High quality audio directly impacts the quality of the engagement. Audio issues can typically be traced back to either low quality microphones or inconsistent feedback cancellation between input and output audio. Although many new computers have a camera and microphone and our recommendations include these capabilities, headsets resolve these issues and greatly improve the audio. They have better microphones than laptops, and the earphones ensure that the input audio and the output audio are separated sonically and not via software filtering.

Purchasing Devices and Accessories

Students: The  UConn Bookstore sells computers that meet the recommended specifications. Some schools, majors, programs, and courses have additional expectations for student-owned devices. Check with your program before making a purchase.

Instructors: ITS has a limited stock of laptops and accessories that are available for purchase and equipment that can be borrowed for teaching labs. In addition to laps and headsets, ITS also recommends that instructors consider purchasing a device capable of live annotation. A tablet-like device and stylus are the easiest tools for the presentation of material that can be annotated in real-time.

Requests should come from your local IT staff or the fiscal officer responsible for these types of purchases or loans. UConn IT staff and fiscal officers may view available equipment (log in required).

Staff: ITS manages a workstation refresh program, and all options meet the requirements. Your local IT may coordinate a purchase with ITS or provide instructors and staff with guidance.

Note: Check the UConn Software Catalog before purchasing software. Many commonly used products, like Microsoft Office and Windows, are available to students, instructors, and staff through the University's licensing agreements.

Student Tech Training Course

ITS has created a tech training course for all students with information that is useful for anyone at UConn. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the systems students will use while at UConn and provides how-to videos on performing key functions within these systems. It is available to faculty, staff, and students under "Useful Links for Students" on the Institution Page in HuskyCT.

Security Best Practices
When on-campus, ITS’s security systems monitor and track threats in the university environment. Most individuals do not have many of the same protections available in their home or other off-campus locations. Read more about how to protect yourself and your data.